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Official IELTS Test venue of GREC is situated at Tower Hamlet, Banani. Students can register for the IELTS test through GREC and choose Tower Hamlet as their official test center and experience the excellent IELTS exam environment.

GREC provides a well equipped venue for around 100 students with a comfortable waiting zone area and advanced logistics facilities. We provide good quality headphones for the listening test and multiple giant tv screens which are used as timers. Experts from the British Council maintain and regulate the whole examination process in every IELTS test. 

The venue has a backup generator and in-house UPS system, therefore students can take their test without any disturbance at the time of load shedding. We have three washrooms that are separate for male and female candidates. All the logistics and arrangements are checked before every official IELTS test.

Every Friday, candidates get the opportunity to take mock tests in the official test venue of GREC and get acquainted with the environment of their test venue before the official test.

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How to reach

GREC has five branches all over Bangladesh which includes Lalmatia (CHQ), Science lab, Banani, Chattogram and Sylhet. Official IELTS Test venue of GREC is situated at Tower Hamlet (7th floor), 16, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Dhaka- 1212.

Students need to come to the Kakoli-Banani Mor from their location in and outside Dhaka. Then its 2-3 minutes walking distance at the Kemal Ataturk Avenue street. The test venue is situated on the 7th floor of the same building over Al Arafah bank. Candidates can use Google Maps to reach this test venue.

It is important to note that, the Banani branch and the official test venue are situated in Banani but have separate office locations. Instead of coming to the GREC Banani branch, candidates who have registered for taking the mock tests and official IELTS tests in the official test venue of GREC will come to Tower Hamlet directly. To avoid confusion and save time, we advise you to check the address of the official test venue very carefully before the test date.

Note: GREC is certified to provide IELTS test facilities according to the guidelines of the British Council. All the system and process are regulated by the test authority, British Council.

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