Cracking Math contests and beyond

Math is the language of everything. Excelling in math contests not only boosts your confidence but also helps you get ahead of the competition in every aspect. From getting a better college to getting a better job. And for that, you need a bit extra skill of mathematical problem-solving. This course will help you sharpen that skill and help you be on the top!

৳ 14,500

Cracking Math contests and beyond

What the course will provide you

  • 48 instructor-led classes (90-min virtual sessions) including multiple olympiad like exam sessions
  • 8 mega problem-solving sessions (120-min in-person sessions) 
  • Full access to an interactive learning management system (LMS) with rich collection of lessons, quizzes and resources. 
  • Printed booklet on essential information
  • Personalized preparation guidelines for students who want to excel in various math contests
  • Handpicked topics that will cover your readiness for national and international competitions

Program Duration

  • 4 months (7 sessions in every two weeks)
  • Typically, the cohorts begin in mid-September and end in mid-January.



1) Nafis Tiham – Coordinator and Trainer

Academic counselor, Ex-academic coordinator, Bangladesh Math Olympiad

2) Turab Haque Payel 

Academic Coordinator, BDMO

National Math Camp Trainer

3) Tahmid Hameem Chowdhury Zarif

Bronze Medalist: IMO

Winner: APMO, IGO, BdMO

National Math Camp Trainer

4) Tahzib Hossain Khan Anubhab

Bronze Medalist: IMO

Winner: APMO, IGO, ICO, BdMO

National math camp trainer


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