GRE & US Scholarship Readiness Course

৳ 15,000

GRE & US Scholarship Readiness Course

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  • Although we call it “GRE Course”, it is basically a comprehensive bundle of services which includes (1) GRE Premium course, (2) Mock tests, (3) TOEFL or IELTS crash course, (4) Review & Editing of your statement of purpose (SOP) and letter of recommendation (LOR), (5) US College application counseling, (6) US VISA interview counselling, (7) RDA course certification. Plus, you can repeat the course for unlimited times absolutely free of cost.
  • A) Entire package price: Tk. 23,000/=
  • B) Total payable at admission: Tk. 15,000/= (After 35% Discount)
  • E) Product/service detail:
    Total lecture 36
    Verbal Reasoning: 13
    Quant Reasoning: 22
    Analytical Writing: 01
    6 mock exams with sessions on comprehensive explanation.
    Online lessons and quizzes on vocabulary, Verbal Reasoning, Quant Reasoning and Analytical Writing.
    Mobile application of our Learning Management System (LMS) – both Android and iOS.
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