GREC’s PTE (Pearson Test of English) mock tests are practice exams designed to simulate the actual PTE Academic test experience. They closely resemble the format, structure, and timing of the official PTE exam. Mock tests help students familiarize themselves with the test environment, assess their readiness, and identify areas for improvement.

৳ 5,000


The PTE mock test offered by GREC has 5 Model Tests (Standard pack). Alongside the tests, students can also take solution classes with the Country’s best PTE tutors. Otherwise, students can participate in a single test as well.

A) Product Price: Tk. 7,500/=
B) Total payable: Tk. 5,000/= for 5 practice tests
C) Current discount: Tk 2,500/=
D) Validity of the discount: GREC usually declares time-sensitive discount offers. Please follow our Facebook page and the official group to learn about the ongoing discount offer.


Format: The mock test replicates the four sections of the PTE Academic test: Speaking and Writing, Reading, Listening, and the optional unscored section, which is the PTE Practice Test.

Realistic Environment: The test is conducted under conditions similar to those of the actual exam. This includes a computer-based format, a timer, and instructions delivered as they would be during the actual test.

Scoring and Feedback: After completing the mock test, you receive a score report. This report highlights your performance in different sections, indicating your strengths and weaknesses. It helps in understanding areas that need improvement.

Practice Material: Mock tests often use official or high-quality practice questions and materials to simulate the PTE exam accurately.

Time Management: Practicing with mock tests helps in managing time efficiently for each section, as time is a crucial factor in the PTE Academic exam.

Improvement Strategies: Analyzing the mock test results allows you to develop specific strategies to improve your performance. For instance, if you struggle with speaking fluency, you can focus on exercises to enhance this skill.


Please remember that taking multiple mock tests can be very beneficial. It not only familiarizes you with the test format but also reduces anxiety and builds confidence for the actual exam day.


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