Foundation Fundamental Grammar & Freehand Writing

Foundation Fundamental Grammar & Freehand Writing
GREC’s FUNDAMENTAL ENGLISH AND FREEHAND WRITING COURSE consists of 20 interactive, on-site sessions with 4 solving problems classes conducted by the best instructors in the country.
Foundation Fundamental Grammar & Freehand Writing
All Lectures
20 Classes In-class Practices 04 Test

Class 01

Sentence & Article

Class 02

Parts of speech: Noun & Pronoun-1

Class 03

Parts of speech: Noun & Pronoun-2

Class 04

Adverbs & Others Parts of Speech, Rules based prepositions, Appropriate preposition

Class 05

Introduction to Tense: Present Tense

Class 07

Past Tense, Future Tense (Part-1)

Class 07

Future Tense (Part-2), Sequence of Tenses

Class 08

Writing Skills: Sentence Making & Development, Error Analyses, A Note on Sentence Structure

Class 09

Agreement of Verbs with Subject (Part-1)

Class 10

Agreement of Verbs with Subject (Part-2), Correct Use of Verbs (Part-1)

Class 11

Correct Use of Verbs (Part-2), The Determiner, Narration

Class 12

Voice, Tag Questions, Narration

Class 15

Transformation of sentences, Modal Auxiliaries

Class 14

Transformation of sentences, Simple, Complex & Compound, Modal Auxiliaries, Idioms and phrases

Class 15

Basic Writing: Effective Sentence Development, From Paragraph to Essay

Class 16

Transformation of sentences, Degree, Idioms and Phrases, Conditionals

Class 17

Narration, Clauses, Sentence Development by using Clause

Class 18

Completing Sentences

Class 19

Writing Sample Analysis with Practices

Class 20

Fearless Writing

Class 23

Assessment Test-1

Class 22

Assessment Test-2

Class 23

Assessment Test-3

Class 24

Assessment Test-4

About Course

Our “Fundamental English and Freehand Writing Course” typically covers the basics of English language skills, grammar, and freehand writing techniques.
Basic Grammar:

  • Parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.).
  • Sentence structure and formation.
  • Punctuation rules.

Writing Skills:

  • Paragraph development and organization.
  • Essay structure (introduction, body, conclusion).
  • Descriptive, narrative, and expository writing.

Freehand Writing Techniques:

  • Creative writing exercises.
  • Building a unique writing style.

Critical Thinking and Analysis:

  • Evaluating and analyzing information..
  • Developing logical arguments..
  • Expressing opinions and supporting them with evidence..

Feedback and Improvement:

  • Providing constructive feedback..


Country’s top Instructors are here to guide you to fulfil your dream.

Samiha Sadiq

IELTS Instructor

IELTS 8.0/ 4+ Years Experience, 400+ Students/ 10+ Batches

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In this course you get

  • 20 lectures
  • 4 assessment tests
  • Individual counseling hour as per needed
  • In class copy checking
  • Studentship validity till 6 months

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