Refund Policy

Refund Policy: All Online Training Course Purchases are Final and Non-Refundable

Online courses are non-refundable. Once the course is purchased/accessed, no refund will be granted regardless of the reason. All online training courses are tested extensively on all types of systems, browsers, and devices by GREC Research and Development (R&D) Team. We can assist you to get started with the course if you are having any trouble.

Multiple payments for the same course: In case the participant made extra payment (the same course bought multiple times) for the same course, a refund will be issued upon request. There will be a 3.5% transaction cost charged by credit card processor per transaction.

Additionally, this money receipt/invoice must be retained and presented in order to receive any service e.g. Model Test and Course Repetition.

If you have any questions, please contact us before making a purchase.

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