IELTS Mock Test CD Bundle of 7

The IELTS Computer Delivered mock test replicates the computer-based exam format, assessing listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. It provides candidates with a realistic preview of the test environment. Full-length mock test with all 4 modules. You’ll receive a mock test, depending on availability* Call – 01768377640 – 4

About Course

The IELTS Computer Delivered (CD) mock test offers a comprehensive simulation of the computer-based IELTS exam, providing candidates with an immersive experience to familiarize themselves with the digital format and effectively prepare for success.
The listening module challenges candidates to comprehend a range of audio materials, including lectures and conversations. Through the computer-delivered format, test-takers navigate through various sections, practice effective note-taking, and adjust to the pace of spoken English, ensuring readiness for the actual exam conditions.
In the reading section, candidates encounter a variety of texts presented on the computer screen. This segment assesses their ability to read and comprehend information, analyze data, and draw relevant conclusions. The digital interface allows for easy navigation between questions and efficient management of time.
The writing tasks in the computer-delivered mock test mirror those in the official IELTS exam, evaluating candidates’ ability to express ideas clearly and coherently. The digital platform enables efficient word processing, encouraging candidates to adapt to typing responses within the specified time limits.
The speaking component involves face-to-face or video session interaction with a qualified examiner through a computer interface. This simulation of real-life speaking scenarios ensures that candidates can effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas, practice pronunciation, and engage in spontaneous discussions.
Throughout the mock test, the digital timer ensures strict adherence to time constraints, providing candidates with a realistic sense of pacing and pressure. Utilizing official IELTS test materials in the computer-delivered format ensures an authentic test experience, allowing candidates to navigate through various sections seamlessly and become comfortable with the digital interface.
In conclusion, GREC’s IELTS Computer Delivered mock test serves as a crucial preparation tool for candidates aiming to excel in the computer-based IELTS exam. It not only evaluates language proficiency but also familiarizes test-takers with the digital format, enabling them to approach the actual exam with confidence and competence.

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