SAT Block (Math)

SAT Block (MATH)
GREC’s Digital SAT Math Module is a focused and comprehensive program covering key concepts tested in the SAT Math section. 16 lectures will be covered in this Block/section.
SAT Block (MATH)
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16 Classes In-class Practices Test

Class 01

Math 01 Calculator Class

Class 02

Math 02 Exponents, Exponential vs Linear Growth

Class 03

Math 03 Percent, Proportion

Class 04

Math 04 Solving Equations, Rates

Class 05

Math 05 Systems of Equations, Expressions

Class 06

Math 06 Word Problems, More Equation Solving Strategies

Class 07

Math 07 Inequalities

Class 08

Math 08 Lines, Interpreting Linear Models

Class 09

Math 09 Functions

Class 10

Math 10 Quadratics

Class 11

Math 11 Synthetic Division, Absolute Value

Class 12

Math 12 Angles, Triangles

Class 13

Math 13 Circles, Trigonometry

Class 14

Math 14 Reading Data, Probability

Class 15

Math 15 Statistics 1 & 2

Class 16

Math 16 - Volume

About Course

GREC’s Digital SAT course’s Math module stands out as a focused and comprehensive resource tailored to equip students with the skills necessary to conquer the SAT Math section. Consisting of 16 dedicated lectures, this module strategically covers the breadth of mathematical concepts tested in the SAT.
The curriculum aligns with the SAT’s emphasis on algebra, problem-solving, data analysis, and advanced math. GREC employs advanced technology to deliver content, ensuring an engaging and effective learning experience. Each lecture delves into specific topics, providing clarity on fundamental principles and offering strategic approaches to tackle SAT Math problems.
The integration of the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) and a specialized mobile application enhances accessibility, allowing students to seamlessly engage with the Math module’s content. This tech-driven approach ensures that learning extends beyond the traditional classroom setting, accommodating diverse learning styles.
One of the notable aspects of the GREC’s Digital SAT Math module is its commitment to practical application. The module incorporates real-world problem-solving scenarios, enabling students to apply mathematical concepts to the types of questions they will encounter on the actual SAT.
Moreover, the module is designed with flexibility in mind. Whether students are navigating algebraic expressions, geometry, or data interpretation, each lecture contributes to building a strong foundation while accommodating the diverse skill levels of participants.
In summary, GREC’s Digital SAT Math module goes beyond traditional teaching methods. It combines technology, strategic content delivery, and practical application to provide students with a dynamic and effective approach to mastering the mathematical challenges presented in the SAT.


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