A good IELTS score makes a big difference in your endeavor to mission higher study abroad or earning a funded admission to a university. A strong hold in English will surely help you to earn good IELTS score. But in this era of competition, you need to know the killer strategies along with deep-rooted foundation to nail in any standardized International Test. Our industry-standard course materials, crème de la crème faculty and scratch-built didactic tactics have been trusted by hundreds of students to prepare and perform their level-best in the real IELTS.

12 reasons why GREC’s IELTS course is ahead of others:

  1. We are Bangladesh’s first and only test-prep company that provides online account for each of the students.
  2. Our IELTS course is most scientifically designed and comprehensive among all of our competitors.
  3. A total of 36 campus-based classes’ strutted as per the world’s leading educational psychologists’ recommendation (classical passive learning, active learning, synergistic collaborative learning and dish-bowl learning).
  4. Richest lecture sheets. Our lecture sheets and online contents have exhaustively covered all the essential study materials in the market, and enough to prepare for the real IELTS (verified in unbiased study).
  5. At least 50 online-based audio-visual lessons and quizzes (both timed and non-timed).
  6. Regular arrangement of public speaking sessions to practice speaking .
  7. Only the finest faculties are hired and rigorously trained before they start mentioning in the class.
  8. The largest fraternity of higher study aspirants belongs to GREC. Students mingle with faculty, alumni, and guests from USA frequently during their visit.
  9. You can repeat the course as many times as you want-with no additional cost.
  10. Each single class is mentioned under Intensive Quality policy.
  11. Students can grade the performance of the faculties inside classroom in a scale of 0-100, and a portion of our faculties’ wage comes from this evaluation.
  12. Students can participate in the Model test similar to original IELTS and received grades with comments.