The Rapid IELTS Preparation Course offered by GREC has 12 intensive interactive sessions presented by Country’s best tutors. It also has 2 full-length mock tests that help you benefit yourself through audio-visual learning.
02 Classes 12 In-class Practices 12 Test

Class 01

L1 Listening Part/Section 01 and 02

Class 02

L2 Listening Part/Section 03 and 04

02 Classes 10 In-class Practices 02 Test

Class 01

R1 Reading (Discussion of Different types of questions)

Class 02

R2 Reading (2 intensive drills)

02 Classes 06 In-class Practices 04 Test

Class 01

W1 Writing Task 01 (Discussion on Task 1)

Class 02

W2 Writing Task 02 (Discussion on Task 2)

02 Classes 04 In-class Practices 04 Test

Class 01

S1 Speaking (Discussion on IELTS Speaking and Practice 01)

Class 02

S2 Speaking (Discussion on IELTS Speaking and Practice 02)

About Course

GREC’s Rapid IELTS Course is a super comprehensive solution tailored for aspiring candidates aiming to secure a higher band score in IELTS exam within a month of preparation period. If you are in a hurry but you want to ace your IELTS, then this is a successful package for you. The course offers a robust package featuring 12 onsite sessions, including two full-length Mock Tests.
Key Features:
Expert Instructors:
Learn from officially certified IELTS instructors with practical experience, providing you with valuable guidance, strategic tips, and effective problem-solving methods to achieve a higher band score.
Module-Based Teaching:
Our module-based teaching method ensures a structured and effective learning experience, keeping you engaged and focused. The incorporation of our LMS eLearning tool enhances your involvement and understanding.
Individualized Counseling:
Benefit from one-on-one counseling sessions, tailored to address your specific needs and challenges, providing personalized support throughout your IELTS preparation journey.
Convenient Examination Registration:
GREC simplifies the IELTS examination registration process, offering the convenience of a Premium IELTS Venue located at Tower Hamlet, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh, in collaboration with the British Council.
In essence, GREC’s Rapid IELTS Course stands as a comprehensive one-stop solution for IELTS preparation, combining expert instruction, structured learning modules, personalized counseling, and convenient examination registration. Elevate your IELTS journey with GREC for a holistic and effective approach to achieving your desired band score.


Country’s top Instructors are here to guide you to fulfil your dream.

Shishir Banik

Senior IELTS Instructor

IELTS 8.5 – 7+ Years Experience 1400+ Student/ 90+ Batches

Samiha Sadiq

IELTS Instructor

IELTS 8.0 – 4+ Years Experience 400+ Student – 10+ Batches

Admission Is Going On

Enroll now to any of our Offline (On- Campus) or Online (Live Class) courses as per your suitable time.

In this course you get

  • 10 lectures
  • 2 mock tests
  • 1 on 1 speaking practice with your instructor*
  • Individual counseling hour as per needed
  • In class copy checking
  • Weekly study plan
  • Studentship validity till 1 months

Students Feedback

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