IELTS Reading

IELTS Reading
GREC’s IELTS Reading Module offers six classes covering crucial strategies and techniques. With 20 in-class practices and a final test, candidates gain targeted preparation for success in the IELTS reading test.
IELTS Reading

About Course

GREC’s IELTS Reading Module is a comprehensive program meticulously designed to enhance candidates’ reading skills and proficiency, ensuring their readiness for the IELTS reading test. The module is structured into six classes, each addressing specific components and strategies vital for success in the IELTS reading examination.
R1 Reading (Completing Sentences & Short Question-Answer):
This class focuses on foundational skills, introducing candidates to sentence completion and short question-answer formats commonly found in the IELTS reading test. Strategies for effective completion are explored, laying the groundwork for subsequent sections.
R2 Reading (Completing Summary/Passage & M.C.Q):
Building on the foundational skills, this class delves into more complex tasks, such as completing summaries/passages and multiple-choice questions. Techniques for efficient comprehension and accurate answering are emphasized.
R3 Reading (True/False/Not Given & Matching Names):
Section 3 refines candidates’ abilities to discern true/false/not given statements and match names to information. It provides targeted exercises to navigate these question types effectively, essential for success in the IELTS reading test.
R4 Reading (Matching Headings & Labeling Diagrams):
This class addresses the nuances of matching headings and labeling diagrams, focusing on higher-order reading skills. Strategies for quickly identifying relevant information and labeling diagrams accurately are imparted.
R5 Reading (Matching Information + Matching Sentence Endings):
The fifth class concentrates on matching information and sentence endings, offering comprehensive coverage of diverse question formats. Candidates refine their skills in synthesizing information and matching sentence endings logically.
R6 Reading Drill:
The final class, Reading Drill, serves as a consolidated practice session. Candidates engage in targeted exercises that encompass all the learned strategies, providing a holistic review and enhancing their overall readiness for the IELTS reading test.
GREC’s IELTS Reading Module is characterized by its systematic approach, progressively building from foundational skills to advanced strategies. Through structured classes and drills, candidates receive comprehensive preparation, ensuring competence in all facets of the IELTS reading test.

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