IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking
GREC’s IELTS Speaking Module features six classes, six in-class practices, and six tests, offering comprehensive guidance and evaluation. It hones candidates’ speaking skills, ensuring readiness for the IELTS speaking test.
IELTS Speaking

About Course

GREC’s IELTS Speaking Module is a well-structured and comprehensive program designed to enhance candidates’ speaking skills, ensuring proficiency and confidence for success in the IELTS speaking test. The module is intricately organized into six classes, each catering to specific aspects of the IELTS speaking examination.
S1 Getting to Know About Speaking:
The initial class introduces candidates to the dynamics of the IELTS speaking test. It familiarizes them with the format, expectations, and key strategies, providing a solid foundation for subsequent sessions.
S2 Speaking Score Boosting:
Building on the foundational knowledge, this class focuses on strategies to boost speaking scores. It delves into effective techniques for articulation, fluency, and addressing diverse question types encountered in the IELTS speaking test.
S3 Speaking with Cue Card (Part 1):
In this class, candidates engage in speaking with cue cards, addressing Part 1 of the IELTS speaking test. The emphasis is on developing coherent responses, expressing opinions, and establishing a strong foundation for the ensuing sections.
S4 Speaking with Cue Card (Part 2):
The fourth class extends the coverage to Part 2 of the IELTS speaking test. Candidates refine their ability to speak at length on a given topic, showcasing their speaking prowess and effectively managing speaking time.
S5 Conquering Speaking:
This class is designed to help candidates conquer the challenges presented in the IELTS speaking test. Strategies for overcoming nervousness, refining pronunciation, and maintaining a confident demeanor are emphasized.
S6 Speaking Grammar & Connectors:
The final class focuses on the essential aspects of grammar and connectors in speaking. Candidates refine their language proficiency, ensuring grammatical accuracy and the effective use of connectors in spoken communication.
GREC’s IELTS Speaking Module stands out for its systematic approach, progressively building from foundational skills to advanced strategies. Through structured classes covering various aspects of the speaking test, candidates receive comprehensive preparation, ensuring competence and confidence in tackling the diverse challenges of the IELTS speaking test.

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