SAT One-on-One

SAT One-on-One
GREC provides a digital SAT one-on-one service where a student will receive the private assistance of a prominent faculty member. It’ll be served according to what our students need. Significant invigilance will help students conquer the SAT.
SAT One-on-One
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About Course

GREC’s Digital SAT course is a comprehensive and technologically advanced program designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the SAT. With a total of 32 lectures spread over a specified period, the course structure is strategically organized to cover essential components.

The program begins with an orientation session, providing an overview of the course and its objectives. Following this, students delve into Mathematics and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) modules, with 16 dedicated lectures to each subject. These lectures are meticulously crafted to cover key concepts and strategies tested in the SAT.
A notable feature of the course is the inclusion of four online mock exam sessions. These practice exams offer a realistic simulation of the SAT testing environment, allowing students to apply their knowledge and assess their readiness. Importantly, the Learning Management System (LMS) utilized, specifically Moodle, facilitates these mock exams without dependency on prior module performance, ensuring flexibility in student participation.

Additional sessions focus on practical aspects, such as creating a College Board account, a fundamental step in the SAT registration process.
To enhance the learning experience, each student is equipped with an LMS account, ensuring access to course materials and resources. The incorporation of a dedicated mobile application for the LMS provides flexibility, allowing students to engage with the content on their preferred devices.
In line with the digital era, GREC recognizes the importance of student connectivity and support. Under ideal circumstances, students are encouraged to join a Facebook group, providing a platform for communication, collaboration, and interaction with both teachers and the organization’s head.
Overall, the GREC’s Digital SAT course combines comprehensive content coverage, practical application through mock exams, and modern technology to offer students a well-rounded and effective preparation for success in the SAT.


Country’s top Instructors are here to guide you to fulfil your dream.

Khondoker MD Shoaib

SAT Instructor

SAT 1510 our of 1600 / 1 Year Experience, 100 Students/ 5 Batches

Maliha Rahman

SAT Instructor

SAT 1520 out of 1600 / 1 Year Experience, 100 Students / 5 Batches

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In this course you get

  • Comprehensive Program
  • Technology Integration
  • Subject-Specific Focus
  • Holistic Preparation
  • Individual surveillance

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